Home Remedies For Fruit Flies
HHome Remedies For Fruit Flies
Home Remedies For Fruit Flies

You arrived home coming from a extended day at the office, hungry as well as worn-out. You go towards the kitchen, filled with stunning and good smelling fruits. You grab a mouth watering looking banana, only to uncover that the underside has been fully rotten.

Yet hold it...what exactly was that? Is there things hovering all-around you? Suddenly, you discover you are not by yourself...

*It's a case of Fruit Flies!*

You shouldn't stress! There are home remedies for fruit flies certainly fairly painless. However, why don't we take a look at these kind of intriguing very little devils.

Exactly what are fruit flies?

Fruit flies, otherwise Drosophilae melanogaster, are generally small two-winged insects. They're brown in coloring together with enormous red eyes and usually are merely 3mm in length!

Fruit flies feed upon alcohol and also, despite their smallish size, have an excellent perception of smell. The fruit fly is going to smell an over ripe banana coming from a lot of miles out.

The following is in fact exactly how the fruit fly goes in your own home initially. It is attracted to the fermenting fruit, finds it, after which it takes place feeding and reproducing on and next to the food. Or it was previously in or on the fruit while purchased it and took it home.

Fruit flies do *not* develop inside the fruit, as some individuals often believe.

Fruit Fly: Buddy or Enemy?

As much as I enjoy wildlife, as well as a few small bugs, and tend not to wish to hurt them, I do *not* really like fruit flies.

They're tiny and also bothersome. One minute you are quietly savoring a scrumptous banana. The next you're between tiny little demon bugs, many trying to steal a piece of some prime peachy real estate.

And because they're so tiny, you'll find it nearly hard to swat these bugs away. This will become very irritating very quickly. You find yourself appearing like a jackass, swinging your arms around your head as though in some outrageous, fruit-induced rage.

As you can imagine, I dislike these types of little insects.

A Few Easy Tips to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Thank goodness, there are lots of different methods to win the bug showdown. The remedy I apply is simply a few steps and does not require physical damage on your part (i.e. crushing, smashing, smudging, etc.) of the fruit flies.

In reality, that can be quite satisfying...


 * Small bowl

 * Plastic material wrap

 * A little something sharp and pointy (i.e. scissors, toothpick, knife, pencil, etc.)

 * Sweet and aromatic fruit leftovers (melon performs well)


 * After you've successfully gorged some delectable fruit, lay what's left into the bowl. You could also utilize honey, beer, sugar water, and maple syrup...whatever sweet as well as fragrant.

 * Obtain the plastic wrap and put it securely over the bowl. You need it as tightly as possible.

 * Using your sharp tool, stick small holes just about all throughout the plastic cover.

The fruit flies shall be pulled in with the sweet aroma and voyage through the holes into the bowl. Unknowingly to these bugs, there isn't any escape...


Stoppage Steps

To ward off these insects of annoyances from coming back to your humble abode, only thing you will want to do is strip away the root of the cause.

The root of the cause, of course, is aging fruit. Keep an eye on all raw foods inside your house and check them daily for tender spots, mold, and also the stench of alcohol. Those that encounter any of those, tie the offensive fruit up inside of a bag and put into an out of doors trash can.

If you ever do happen to discover some more fruit flies, you already know what to do...

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